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As your Member of Parliament, I am committed to being your strong voice in Ottawa and I intend to work hard to maintain your trust. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to represent the people of Guelph, and to work for you as your Member of Parliament.

In the News section, you will find my latest publications, speeches and statements. These will help you keep up to date with the work I am doing as your MP. If you want to follow all my activity in Ottawa, visit my Open Parliament profile.

If you have questions or require assistance with any federal program or service, please visit the MP Services section, or contact my office.

Latest News

Evan eMerge LCEF

Government of Canada to support climate action

November 9, 2018
MP Longfield and eMerge Executive Director, Evan Ferrari Canadians are feeling the impacts and costs of climate change first hand. In Ontario extreme weather is being felt in the heatwaves and floods this summer and the devastating windstorms this fall. The federal government has a plan to fight climate change and grow a clean economy and the plan is working.... → read more >>

News Release

Resources to help you travel with confidence

November 5, 2018
Whether you’re planning a trip to visit friends and family, explore a new part of the world or preparing to welcome a traveler from abroad, being prepared is important and can save you time, money and stress.   We have assembled travel resources and links below to help make your travel experience as stress free as possible.  Here are some important tips... → read more >>

News Release

Our democracy is something to be cherished and protected - Read my latest blog post

November 5, 2018
OP ED by MP Lloyd Longfield  Last week, I spoke in the House about our Government’s proposed changes to the Elections Act, Bill C-76. This is an issue of personal importance for me and for our community. As you may remember, Guelph was the primary target of robocalls that provided false information to voters in the 2011 election. We were... → read more >>