Let's Talk - Employment Forum Town-hall

Last month, Canada had a strong showing with over 90,000 jobs created.  Guelph continues to lead the way in Canada with the lowest unemployment in Canada.  
The success that our local economy is experiencing also means a different set of challenges and opportunities for Guelph businesses and those looking to take on a new job.  On Thursday January 24, 2019 I will be hosting an Employment Forum Townhall at Conestoga College, 460 Speedvale Ave W, Guelph from 6:30 to 8:00pm.  
The panel will include representatives from Conestoga College, Service Canada and the Career Education Council.  The evening will focus on  employment matters,underutilized employment skills, employment labour trends and needs of employers and potential employees.  We will also discuss the challenges and opportunities for the business community as well as those who work in retraining and education along with adults and youth seeking solutions to employability.

Pre-registration is required through my office at 519-837-8276 or please email Lloyd.longfield@parl.gc.ca

I look forward to seeing you there and having this conversation together.

Townhall Flyer