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Bioscan project

Lloyd Longfield heralds support for trailblazing University of Guelph researchers

January 20, 2022
Dr. Paul Hebert (top right) shown with some of his research team at the Centre for Biodiversity natural history archives. Photo courtesy of the University of Guelph.  Canada’s highly skilled and talented researchers are world-renowned for their leading scientific breakthroughs, discovering bold, innovative approaches and contributing to solving our world’s toughest problems. Canada’s academic community has always played an integral role in... → read more >>


Federal Government Finishing the fight against COVID-19

January 11, 2022
While we had hoped the turning of the page to 2022 would bring us closer to pre-pandemic times, we are all still experiencing the ups and downs that the Omicron variant has brought.  It has always been a possibility that a variant, such as Omicron, could derail recovery efforts. This is why the federal government, through legislation passed last year,... → read more >>

CSJ Student

Canada Summer Jobs Employer Application Period Open

January 5, 2022
Genya, who was part of the CSJ Program in 2021 with the Guelph Community Foundation (Photo courtesy of GCF) The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on young job seekers, with marginalized youth continuing to be among those most disproportionately impacted. Canada’s employers are also facing extraordinary challenges hiring the staff that they need to help recover from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19.  That is why the Government of... → read more >>