An Inclusive and Fair Canada

April 24, 2016


The government set out an agenda to help all Canadians to build better lives and contribute to and share in the prosperity of the country. Budget 2016 delivers on this agenda, with investments for those who need it most.

Health Care

Canada’s publicly funded, universal health care system is a source of national pride. It reflects Canadian values, and Canadians’ generous nature and commitment to helping each other in times of need. Budget 2016 strengthens the health care system so that it may better meet the needs of patients, and support the shift in the delivery of care into homes and communities.


Canada’s veterans have dedicated their lives to the defence of their country, and they deserve our gratitude, respect and support. Budget 2016 will give back to those who have given so much in service to all Canadians by restoring critical access to services for veterans as well as ensuring the long-term financial security of disabled veterans.

Indigenous Peoples

Strong families and communities are fundamental to the economic success of Indigenous peoples. The Government is committed to working in partnership with Indigenous peoples to break down the barriers that have for too long held back individuals and communities from reaching their full potential.

Investing in Arts and Cultural Organizations

Investing in Canadian cultural and creative industries allows Canadian artists to share their stories at home and abroad. Budget 2016 provides $1.9 billion over five years to Canada’s cultural sector, which will help to create jobs, strengthen the economy, and ensure the unique Canadian perspective is shared with the world.

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