Canada 150 Community Leaders Awards

October 12, 2017


Last evening at Immigrant Services on Dawson Rd. in Guelph MP Longfield recognized the amazing contributions of 20 community leaders Guelph and area.  These individuals have put in countless hours to their respective communities.  They have all shown themselves as leaders and have given in so many immeasurable ways.  They bridge divisions and work to make Canada’s diversity our strength.

It is fitting that this presentation takes place during Citizenship Week. This year, Citizenship Week is being celebrated across Canada from October 9th to 15th. Citizenship Week gives us the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be Canadian: the rights we enjoy, the responsibilities we share, and the diversity that makes us strong.   It is also an ideal time for all Canadians to reaffirm their citizenship as a sign of their pride in the traditions, history and institutions that make Canada so strong, prosperous and free. In the past 10 years, Canada has welcomed over 1,500,000 proud new Canadians!

MP Longfield noted during the presentations last evening that yesterday was also a very special day-Bill C-6 was completed-marking a promise made to Canadians during the last election.  “This government does not support two-tiered citizenship in Canada. That’s why we’ve streamlined the citizenship process, enhanced program integrity, and repealed unfair provisions of the Citizenship Act that treated dual citizens differently than other Canadians.  Permanent residents age 55 and up no longer have to take the language tests to qualify for Canadian Citizenship and time spent in Canada is now reduced from 4 out of 6 to 3 out of 5 years to become a Canadian Citizen.” said Longfield

He noted how fortunate he is to live in the city of Guelph and said every time he is in Ottawa he gets the opportunity to brag about our great city and all that Guelphites do to make Canada such a wonderful place to live. 

Those who were presented the Canada 150 pins include:

 • Najib Jaan
• Rahmat Costas
• Mohammed Idris
• Joglul Syed
• Nazrul Islam
• Sanchila Darjee
• Grace Zhao
• Melku Gebrekristos
• Kirubel Abebe
• Gemma Marbella
• Ashish Sachan
• Mary Zahedi
• Stephen Gazzola
• Muhammed Sayyed
• Prakash Adhikari
• Ravi Rai
• Kelly Hung
• Jan Sherman
• Rev. John C. Borthwick
• Jaya James

The pins he presented are made from the original copper that covered the roofs of Canada’s Parliament Buildings from 1918 to 1996.  This pin was produced in participation with the Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities.

He praised the community leaders and encouraged them to continue the great work in our community.

 For further information contact:

 Lianne Cassidy

Office of Lloyd Longfield