Canada 150 Poetry Contest Winners

May 30, 2017



A big thank you to Guelph's youth for creatively celebrating Canads's 150th anniversary of conferderation by participating in the Guelph Canada 150 poety contest. It was incredible to see so many high calibre submission. Also a sincere thanks to the teachers and parents who encouraged their students and children to participate.

Congratulations to the winners ofGuelph's Canada 150 Poetry Contest:

  • High School: Michaela McBryde with 150 Years of Greatness
  • Elementary: Megan Perry with The North, Fierce and Strong (pictured above)

150 Years of Greatness


A Queen's signature

Leads to the birth of a nation

A nation called Canada

Free to make our own choices

In hopes they lead to greatness


Choices that created

Many ways to make life better

Many mistakes to learn from

Many decisions to change the world

Many opportunities for greatness


A strength on our own

Partnering up with others

To help the world

In war, in politics, in humanity

Peacekeepers for greatness


A country of 36 and a half million people

Citizens contributing thoughts,

discoveries, advancements, technology,

art, music, history, exports and services

Canadians strive for greatness


Canada is strong and unified

We stand together

To celebrate our history

A celebration of

150 years of greatness


By: Michaela McBryde 


The North, Fierce and Strong


The North, fierce and strong.

We celebrate our difference

and embrace our flaws.


It doesn't matter who you are,

what race, religion, shape or size

be assured that Canada will treat you right.


Canada you are our home,

therefore we will stand in your honour.

Lease we forget, Our mistakes, our luck


We look forward to our future,

and allow ourselves to accept the past.

We commemorate our heores

who fought for our freedom.


We recognize how fortune we are,

and give our gratitude for our safety and our leisure

Peaceful and polite,

yet fierce and strong


We are united as one,

Oh Canada.

Canada keep our sons and daughters

safe forver more.

Forever more.


We are united as one, Oh Canada.

The North, fierce and strong.


By: Megan Perry