Canada Summer Jobs Human Rights Question

March 5, 2018

For many young Canadians their first employment opportunity is a summer job. This experience is invaluable to their professional development and future career success. The Canada Summer Job program fulfills this important labour market need and is doing so in a way that protects and promotes Canadians hard fought for rights. I was proud to rise in the House of Commons to provide further clarity to how the Canada Summer Jobs program will protect Canadians' rights. 

Many community members have been asking me how I feel about Canada Summer Jobs in relation to my personal faith. Simply, I must uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms at all times even when it is uncomfortable. That applies equally to upholding a women’s right to choose and an individual’s freedom of expression and belief. I believe our government is currently upholding each of these rights. As Guelph’s federal representative, I will continue to work to ensure everyone’s rights are not being infringed and upheld, while at the same time remaining true to my beliefs.