Census 2016

May 12, 2016

The census collects important demographic information on every person living in Canada. This information is used by all levesl of government, business and other organizations to plan for and improve programs and services in our community.

Everything from pensions, health care and employment programs to new schools, public transit, hospitals and daycare centres are all influenced by the information shared during the census.

Our government heard from Canadians across the country about the importance of te data provided in the long-form census. This version of the census collects additional demographic information that helps to inform evidence-based decisions.

That is why the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology announced the return of the long-form census.

Whether you received the long-form questionnaire, or the short-form census, you still have time to complete it. Go to census.gc.ca to complete your census online. Enter your 16-digit secure code and follow the instructions on the site.

Did you know…

The first census in Canada was conducted in 1666 by Jean Talon.

As Intendant of Justice, Police and Finance, Talon was tasked with stimulating the economic expansion of New France. He began his appointment by taking stock of the colony, including doing a systematic census. He did much of the work himself by going door-to-door recording everyone in the colony, as well as the number of domestic anumals, government buildings and churches.

Talon used the knowledge gained from the census to develop the colony in may directions. He increased the population and diversified the economy. He established a shipyard, a brewery, the lumber tade, and more.