Claim Your Climate Action Incentive Rebate

March 5, 2019


There is a groundswell of support in Guelph and across Canada for effective environmental policy.
Now it is up to government to lead and provide the tools to reduce emissions whether the provincial government is prepared to take action or not.

Canadians know that climate change is real, and recent floods, droughts, forest fires and extreme heat are imposing huge economic and human costs across our country.

Through our Governments leadership, It will no longer be free to pollute in Canada because when pollution is free, there is more of it.
We have put price on pollution while giving money directly back to Ontarians.

Through the Climate Action Incentive, an average family of four will receive $307, when they file their taxes.

8 of 10 Ontario families will be better off. And Ontarians can save even more money if they choose clean solutions (public transit, a more efficient vehicle, LED light bulbs or smart thermostats).

How it works:

  • On your 2018 Income Tax Return, claim your Climate Action Incentive rebate on Schedule 14

  • The amount of the rebate depends on the number of people in your family

  • $154 for single adult, or first adult in a couple; $77 for a second adult in a couple, or single parent’s qualified dependent; $38 per additional child in the family

  • The funds will first reduce any taxes owing, and may create or increase any refund you may be entitled to

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