CN Rail Junction Update

August 6, 2019


CN Train

Earlier in July, I personally spoke with representatives from CN Rail and asked for a full debrief from multiple departments on the ongoing work and construction taking place in Guelph from the construction department, signal and most importantly the communications department.

Last week my office and I were provided a briefing on the construction projects currently underway by CN that I have shared below.  We expect to hear from the other departments promptly including most importantly from the communications and outreach department.   All of this information will be made available on my website (

Residents in the junction have told me they understand that work needs to be completed on the tracks but at the same time residents would appreciate more communication and courtesy to know when work will take place, and expected timeframes so that you and your family can better make plans and go about your day.  

When the loud horns and stunting in the early morning were halted earlier this year, my message was clear as it is today, we solved the matter at hand but that I would continue getting answers for Guelphites. 

That work continues. 

Please know that my office and I appreciate hearing from you and we will relay your feedback directly to CN Rail.   


Lloyd Longfield 

Upgrade of the Guelph North Spur

- This AFE requests $1.65M in capital to improve all track on the North Spur to be capable of supporting 286K shipments. 

Project Cost:

All Track to 286K loading: $1.65 Million in 2019

All of the track work to be completed in 2019 as early as possible. 

CN Project Brief