End of Session Update & Canada Day

June 22, 2018


Working together for Guelph.

Intentions are important, they are foundations of vision. Working together for Guelph has been my guiding thought throughout my work for our community. Today it is more important than ever for leaders to come together and find common ground to make a better life for the people we are privileged to represent.

In doing so, the most valuable resource for me has been engaging with the local talent found in our community. From phone calls with researchers at the University of Guelph, to conversations on the door step, to exchanging points of view with local activists, all these interactions have been invaluable in shaping my work.

With the recent legislative session coming to a close it is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the work of the past few months. From passing legislation that expunges unjust convictions levied against the LGBTQ2 community, to expanding the Canada Child Benefit which has lifted 300,000 children out of poverty, to legalizing and strictly regulating cannabis, to new stricter impaired driving laws, to robust national security legislation that enshrines public oversight, it has certainly been a busy but accomplished Parliamentary session. However, none of this could have been possible without the input, advocacy and tireless work of everyday Canadians.

As Guelph's 14th Member of Parliament I truly am humbled to represent our innovative and pioneering community. Since becoming our community's representative I have delivered 50 speeches and 166 questions in the House of Commons and asked 1118 questions and helped create 27 reports in my work on various committees. The common theme that I always land on in my statements at Parliament is that Guelph is already working on many of the solutions to the world's pressing issues - we are a community that cares and leads. Many of these speeches, questions and reports can be found on my website mplongfield.ca or can be found on my Facebook or Twitter accounts. These channels are the best way to stay up to date as we work together for Guelph. 

With Canada Day approaching there is no better way to celebrate our nation's birthday then to attend a local party. Guelph's celebrations are happening in Riverside Park from 11 am until the fantastic firework finale around 10 pm. One of my favourite highlights of the festivities at Riverside Park is the opportunity to share in a Canadian Citizenship ceremony to welcome our newest Canadian Citizens. The Citizenship Ceremony will begin at 5:00pm and is hosted by the Rotary Club of Guelph Citizenship Committee. A big thank you to all the volunteers that make this day a success and I hope to see you there.

As we enter into the sunny season I look forward to hopefully connecting with you so we can continue to work together for Guelph. Please do keep in touch.



LLoyd Longfield
Member of Parliament for Guelph