Food Security in Guelph

April 7, 2021

Community Garden


We know that food security is key to many healthy determinates in life. Here in Guelph, we are fortunate to have so many amazing local organizations within our community who work to provide fresh, safe, affordable food for those in need.

To learn more about some of the local organizations in our community and the important work they're doing, I encourage you to visit the below websites for more information:

Guelph is also home to many innovators who work tirelessly to make our community a more sustainable and inclusive place to live by addressing food security issues, and promoting a circular food economy, including: 

As mentioned in my most recent mailer, community gardens are a wonderful place to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Even if you don't have your own yard. The city of Guelph has volunteer-managed gardens to make nutritious foods available for everyone, as well as pollinator gardens which provide important food and habitat for wildlife and provide pollen and nectar for bees and other insects. To learn more, click here.