Government of Canada Invests in Canadian Culture and Heritage in Guelph

May 24, 2019

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MP Longfield announces support for Art Gallery of Guelph, The Drive exhibition. 

Lloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph, on behalf of the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, today announced funding of $259,756.00 to the Art Gallery of Guelph for their exhibition The Drive which opens today featuring the painting of the same name by well known artist Tom Thomson, artwork by the Group of Seven, as well as contemporary Indigenous and Canadian artists. This exhibition that raises awareness of the environment will run from May 23, 2019 to August 25, 2019.

A leading art museum in Canada, the Art Gallery of Guelph plays a vital role for the public, students, and lifelong learners. Beyond artifacts and artworks, our museums and art galleries spark our curiosity and imagination, act as portals to another place and time, and provide a place for people in the community to gather.

They also create jobs for more than 650,000 Canadians as well as playing a major role in the economic growth of Canada.  The Government of Canada has created more than 1,800 summer jobs and 400 long-term paid internships in museums, libraries, archives, heritage preservation, and arts and cultural organizations.

This exhibition highlights the importance of the arts for education and community as well as for reconciliation.


“Our government is committed to supporting our artists and cultural institutions, like the Art Gallery of Guelph’s exhibit ‘The Drive.’ Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven helped bring international recognition to Canadian art, which continues today. As we continue to move forward together with Indigenous peoples on the path to reconciliation, we are glad that works by Indigenous artists are included alongside their contemporaries in this exhibit.”

--The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage

There is a direct connection between art and creative thinking.  The Art Gallery of Guelph houses many of Canada’s most renowned artists, as well as local and indigenous works.  I am so pleased to see the Government of Canada recognizing the importance of the AGG in our community

-- Lloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph

I am thrilled and grateful for the support of the Government of Canada in the development of The Drive. This funding amplifies the vital role of the arts in public discourse and the relevance of creative practice to important dialogues surrounding the land, sustainability, and reconciliation in Canada. It is a great privilege for the Art Gallery of Guelph to present the work of these leading Indigenous and Canadian artists – creating a platform that effectively changes conversations and reinforces our city as one of the best places to think, innovate, and shape the future.

--Shauna McCabe, Director, Art Gallery of Guelph

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