Guelph is Informing my Work on the Standing Committee for Public Accounts

May 7, 2021

I've always brought back the feedback that I hear within the community from Guelphites to inform my discussions in the House of Commons and on Committee.

Recently, I attended the Guelph Black Heritage Society's Anti-Racism Summit, and I came away from that event thinking about how our government can be actively anti-racist by ensuring that our programs and policies take into consideration the lived realities of vulnerable populations.

As our government works to develop social support programs, it is important to consider how those policies will impact or be used by vulnerable populations right here in Guelph and across the country. That's why I asked Officials from the Canada Revenue Agency about this, and I was pleased to hear that they are taking this perspective into consideration when analyzing and implementing programs such as the Canada Child Benefit

In my role as Vice Chair on the Standing Committee for Public Accounts, I work with members from all parties to analyze the Auditor General's audits and reports of various government departments and programs, as well as analyzing the Public Accounts of Canada each year. This work holds our government accountable and transparent, and ensures that programs and policies are being delivered in a way that is effective and efficient. 

We study a broad range of topics on that committee, in the past, these have included everything from Rail Safety to COVID-19 response measures. If you're interested in following along with my work on the Standing Committee for Public Accounts, click here.