Human Trafficking Awareness Day Statement

February 22, 2019

HiHHMP Lloyd Longfield and staff participating in Hope in High Heels on Parliament Hill

Human trafficking is one of the worst crimes possible to commit. This crime is not only a reality in developing countries, but sadly it exists here in Canada, in 2019. As a government we are committed to eliminating human trafficking from Canada, with the help of provincial and municipal partners, and groups like Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis. 

In September 2018, Public Safety Canada, together with key federal partners under the Human Trafficking Taskforce, conducted consultations to inform the development of a new national strategy to counter human trafficking. These consultations help inform the development of a new national strategy to counter human trafficking.                                                                                        

Rooting out this inhuman practice will take more than federal action, it will take a whole-of-Canada approach. From governments, to businesses, to private citizens, everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to educate themselves and others on what they can do to stop this practice. Groups like Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis are an invaluable partners in eliminating human trafficking from our communities.

Thank you for your participation in human trafficking awareness day and for shining a light on this important subject.

Lloyd Longfield

Member of Parliament for Guelph