Message to Constituents

March 11, 2019

Over the past month the lead story in much of Canada’s media has been issues surrounding SNC Lavalin.  I have spoken to people in Guelph on the phone, in the streets, and on social media about how these issues have been handled by the government.  People are concerned that the rule of law is being applied properly, and that the government is being open and transparent with the public. 

Being open includes allowing differences to be discussed, to learn from different perspectives, and to determine the best route forward.  We need to see our public institutions working, including the separation of judicial and political processes.  Political processes need to accommodate different points of view, and to have robust discussion.  I appreciate what the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould and the Honourable Jane Philpott brought to any table of discussion, and was really disappointed that they were not able to find a way forward to continue to be Cabinet members.   I know they did not make their decisions without a lot of thought and reflection. 

As we move forward, I am sure we will continue to have robust discussion on this and any other issue we need to debate internally and in public.   I look forward to the ongoing work of the Standing Committee for Justice and Human Rights, as well as the Ethics Commissioner as an independent reviewer.  I have confidence that the Prime Minister and his Cabinet will continue to reflect on what has been occurring, and work openly with Members of Parliament and our constituents to do what is best for Canada.  We have done incredibly good work on behalf of Canadians, and I am sure this will continue. 

I will continue to stay in touch via phone and email, and welcome people’s input as we continue to build a better country.