Triple Bottom Line

February 24, 2017

Welcome to my Triple Bottom Line!

This graphic highlights the interconnections between Environment, Social, and Economic areas of our community. My work in Guelph and in Ottawa is focused on providing a balance between key activities in each area.

Guelph is an environmental leader; and Canada can benefit from our community’s strength in this area as we implement climate change initiatives with the provinces and territories. In return, Guelph has many green energy and water conservation initiatives that can benefit from federal programs. I am also hard at work to provide Guelph’s input to First Nations as they work on solving challenges relating to clean water. Clean water and clean energy provide economic opportunities, at the same time providing solutions to social needs.

From a social lens, Guelph has leading mental health agencies and organizations, and has been doing some excellent work in poverty elimination including affordable housing initiatives. Our collaborative approach to meeting these challenges can contribute to our federal efforts, and again federal programs can support the important work Guelph is doing to improve our social infrastructure.

To build a stronger economy we are working with employers, researchers, and job seekers to make it easier for employers to find high quality employees. We are also looking at ways to help Guelph businesses to connect to customers around the world. In the next economy we know food will play a critical part for Canada and for a hungry planet. Guelph is perfectly positioned to be a leader in food, and to provide the social and environmental benefits for developing a sustainable food supply.