Progress on Federal Priorities in Guelph

March 14, 2023

 Lloyd Longfield

My work in the community is guided by your input and the needs of Canadians.  We are working to make life more affordable, fight climate change and ensuring the best for Canadians from all regions and demographics. Our investments are working-Canada has recovered 126% of the jobs lost since the peak of the pandemic. The government is continuing to respond to the changing needs of Canadians today and for the future. 

At the start of last year we asked Guelph to rank priorities that we would work on together in order of importance.  The ranked priorities from your responses were:

     1) Environment and Climate Change

     2) Housing

     3) Recovery from COVID 

     4) Mental Health

     5) Seniors Supports

     6) Resilient Economy

Below is a map of all federal investments in these areas: 




Below is a summary of federal investments in Guelph separated into topics:


           1. The Environment 

The top priority in Guelph is the environment. By working collaboratively with community organizations, the Federal Government has been investing in new, green solutions and innovations to address the climate crisis. The map below shows federal investments in Guelph for various groups and projects such as the University of Guelph, the Ontario Federation Of Agriculture, and more. 



Number of projects funded: 27

 Total contributions: $6,181,419


To find new funding opportunities, visit: ECCC funding programs -


2. Housing 

Through collaborations with the Canda Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the City of Guelph, Wellington County, and various community housing providers, the Federal Government has been working to improve our housing stock and end homelessness.



Total number of housing units: 255

Total contributions: $51,579,578 


For more information about the CMHC's programs, visit: CMHC Housing Programs


3. Food security 

One of the early lessons of COVID-19 was how important it is for everyone in Guelph to have access to food. Through investments in our local food support agencies, community fridges and freezers, and supporting community gardens we were able to get help quickly to those in need.  The inflation that has happened since the start of COVID has shown the stress that food prices have put on family budgets and the need for targeted supports-starting with the most vulnerable in our community.  



Downtown Guelph:



Number of organizations funded: 39

Total contribution: $1,627,871

For more information on how the Government of Canada is working on issues around food security please visit Health Canada - Food Security.  The Local Food Infrastructure Fund is a 5 year $60 million initiative that runs to March 2024.  Intakes are now closed and announcements are ongoing.


4. Mental Health 

Mental health is health. That's why the Government of Canada has made significant investments to mental health services in Guelph, including through the new health accord with the Province of Ontario, which focuses greatly on mental health. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Recently, my Guelph Constituency Youth Council met with the Canadian Mental Health Association of Waterloo Wellington to discuss how we can better support the mental health of young people in our community and how we can ensure the organizations who deliver these services have access to the resources they need. 



Total number of projects funded: 22

Total contributions: $10,776,007


Click for more information on Youth Mental Health Hubs, peer support, consumption and addiction supports, and other programs or for more information about recent healthcare agreements, please see: Working together to improve health care for Canadians | Prime Minister of Canada (


            5. Seniors 

The New Horizons for Seniors Program provides funding for projects that make a difference in the lives of seniors and in their communities. It aims to promote volunteerism, expand awareness of elder abuse, and support the social participation and inclusion of seniors. 



Total number of projects funded: 28

Total value of contributions: $539,405


For more infomation about the program, please see this page: New Horizons for Seniors Program -


          6. Resilient Economy: Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) and Investment in youth employment programs

Youth are our future, which is why it is important to invest in jobs that will develop and grow their skills.  The CSJ program seeks to provide youth, particularly those who face barriers to employment, with access to work opportunities. Programs such as Ways 2 Work are also assisting youth to ensure they have the training, employment placements and assistance they need to be successful in today's labour market.  



Number of projects funded: 767

Total contributions: $12,274,148


For more information about Canada Summer Jobs, see: Canada Summer Jobs wage subsidies -

Other programs like the Youth Employment Strategy, Opportunity Fund for Persons with Disabilities, and Women 2 Work are supported and delivered locally by Second Chance Employment.  

Canada has the lowest unemployment rate since statistics have been tracked in 1976, and Guelph has one of Canada's lowest unemployment rates at 3.6%.  Wage growth in March 2023 is 5.4% year over year.  There are over 1 million job vacancies in Canada, stressing the need for students to find their first job as they chart their career paths.


             7. Resilient Economy: Business investments

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government has made significant investments supporting small and medium business. As we rebuild the economy, it's vital businesses in Guelph continue to be supported to ensure long term growth and continued innovation to realize their full potential growth. 


Number of projects funded: 76

Total contributions: $127,490,451


For more information about available business grants, please see: Business grants and financing -

This funding directly supports Guelph businesses and organizations to improve competitiveness, scale up operations and position them for success into the future.

At the same time, targeted supports to help women enter the workforce, providing opportunities for indigenous and racialized people, and laying the groundwork for Canadian business to be competitive anywhere in the world. 


          Supporting Canadians

In addition to these grants and contributions, direct and targeted support for Canadians that most need it includes recent healthcare agreements with the province of Ontario, the Canada Child Benefit, the Canada Dental benefit, the Canada-wide Early and Child Care system with the goal of $10-dollar-a-day-childcare, the Canada rental benefit, and programs such as Guaranteed Income Supplement, Old Age Security, the Canada Child Benefit and more. The Government of Canada is here supporting Canadians. To find benefits you may be eligible for, please see: Canada Benefit finder.