Statement on Canada Summer Jobs Eligibility

January 15, 2018

Recently I have been having conversations with community members concerned about the Charter Rights attestation in the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) application for 2018, and the eligibility of religious and faith based groups looking to apply for funding under this program. 

Canada Summer Jobs is a program intended to provide our youth with valuable skills and experience to prepare them for the work place. Religious organizations are cornerstones of our communities and can provide invaluable professional experiences for our nation’s youth - I encourage and welcome all faith groups to apply.

Our government respects the hard-won rights of Canadians, including freedom of conscience and religion, and we’re committed to ensure funding for Canada Summer Jobs is no longer used to fund activities that seek to remove individual human rights. For example, funding was used to support organizations that distribute graphic images of aborted fetuses, and organizations that did not welcome LGBTQ2 young people at their youth programs.

For additional information on the Canada Summer Jobs attestation visit: