Statement on Close of CCPC Tax Consultations

October 4, 2017

Yesterday the opposition tabled a motion to extend the consultation period on tax reform to January 31st, 2018. I voted against this motion, so that we are able to have draft legislation presented that will reflect the consultations we have held. In Guelph, we met with tax accountants and lawyers at the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. I also had over 200 communications with people either via email, social media, phone calls, or face to face. I have heard and shared the need to ensure tax changes do not have unintended consequences on small business, including farmers and startups. I have also shared submissions from some of Guelph's accounting firms and business owners with the Ministry of Finance.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the business community, with many valid concerns being expressed. There are also many hypothetical situations being discussed. It is best for us to move toward draft legislation that reflects the concerns of Canadian small businesses, and the discussion that will follow. Our current tax policies contain inequities we need to address, which favours a small number of private corporations, enabling them to pay a lower effective tax than other businesses. Above all, we will work to make sure all businesses are treated equitably, and we will work together to get this right.