Supporting Climate Action

May 8, 2019


MP Longfield getting a demonstration of Joe Grabowski's ground breaking work

The Government of Canada is pleased to support science in the classroom with funding streams for a local entrepreneurial not for profit started by Joe Grabowski, a teacher from St John’s Catholic elementary school in Guelph. Canadians from across the country, from all sectors and from all backgrounds, are coming up with solutions to tackle climate change and bringing them to the market. The economy and the environment go together. That’s why the Government of Canada is investing almost $2 billion in solutions that fight climate change and grow our economy, through the Low Carbon Economy Fund.

Through the Low Carbon Economy Challenge, we are supporting Canadian ingenuity and education to help Canadians access these efficient solutions to cut pollution and save money.  The Government of Canada was proud to launch the Low Carbon Economy Challenge last March, which will invest over $500 million to leverage Canadian ingenuity across the country to reduce carbon pollution and generate clean growth.

We are partnering with provinces and territories, municipalities, Indigenous communities and organizations, small and medium sized businesses, and not-for-profit organizations to promote their good projects that will generate clean growth and reduce emissions. By working together to fight climate change, Canadians expect governments to reduce emissions, take climate change seriously, and to do it in a way that makes sense and that works.  Investing in climate action reduces carbon pollution, spurs the clean growth economy - creating good jobs, supporting healthier communities, and helpings Canadians save money.

MP Lloyd Longfield met with Joe Grabowski who is the founder of Exploring By the Seat of Your Pants. Joe received $50,000 in federal funding through the Low Carbon Economy Challenge to bring his ingenuity and knowledge to the next generation. Joe brings the most remote places in the world to the classrooms by using BGAN units to bring science, exploration, adventure and conservation into classrooms across North America.  Joe and his team use technology to reach students through guest speakers and virtual field trips with leading experts around the world.



“Everywhere I travel in Canada, I hear about incredible climate solutions. The Challenge fund we’re launching today will tap into that ingenuity to cut pollution, create jobs, and spark economic opportunities. I can’t wait to see the ideas come in from coast to coast to coast.”

 – Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

“Congratulations to Joe Grabowski for his enterprising approach to making science real and exciting for students around the world by focusing on real people solving real problems relating to climate change and species extinction by applying scientific principles of investigation and discovery”

-Lloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph


Lianne Cassidy

Executive Assistant to MP Lloyd Longfield