July 27, 2020


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Petitions addressed to the House of Commons and presented to the House by its Members represent one of the most direct means of communication between the people and Parliament. Certainly, it is among the most ancient; the act of petitioning has been described as “the oldest of Parliamentary forms, the fertile seed of all proceedings of the House of Commons".

As the Member of Parliament for Guelph, I have tabled petitions that have been championed by Guelphites focused on many different issues from environment, social justice, democratic reform and much more.

This web page provides a forum to learn about the process, to view Electronic petitions that I have sponsored or perhaps consider putting together your own petition. 

Petitions Portal:

Open petitions for signature sponsored by MP Lloyd Longfield

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Petitions tabled in the House of Commons

Petitions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)